Top 8 Mind Blowing S.e.x Positions Every Man Should Know [With Detailed Pictures]


Unfortunate s*xual fails happen to every man: Losing your hard-on at the very mention of the word “condom,” finishing a tad earlier than you wanted to, drinking a bit too much and passing out before you can actually orgasm with your girlfriend.

Not only are these experiences totally common and extremely normal, but they’re all part of the way you learn how to become a great s*xual partner and, well, be the kind of man that women lust after in bed. The key fact here is to take those blunders and learn from them as you evolve as a lover.

“Many women are pretty forgiving of men in their early to mid twenties as far as s*x technique (or lack thereof). But, as women get a little older, quick foreplay leading to lazily performed missionary-only simply does not do the trick anymore! We want more,” says s*xpert Coleen Singer. “We want more diversity.

More creativity. And, most importantly, more attention to detail as far as what turns us on and satisfies us. Continuing to explore new styles and positions in bed not only excites your partner, but you’ll also find that she will put lots more energy back into your lovemaking, and your overall relationship. It’s a win-win!”www-goldlymedia-com-ng_top-8-s-e-x-positions-every-man-should-know-with-pictures-01-640x304

So what skills, positions and techniques should you know how to do in order to be the best lover you can be? Check out these babies:


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